Pierre Jeunet is an extremely sensitive artiste who uses rusted métal to create very powerful pieces. This explorer of materials and detailed observer exhibited his work in Albertville, Courchevel, Megève, Grenoble, Lyon, Paris, Kiev…




What makes your Works stand out ?

"I create Works that are neither paintings nor sculptures. I work with sheets of steel that I leave ti rust naturally outside. When I think the result is right, I stop them rusting further. Then I drow on top, removing the rust and adding coloured paint or sometimes ceramic. I am always trying to innovate because métal is such an interesting medium to work with. It’s a long and complicated task, but the results are suprising"



You are very generous artist. How does this show ?

 "The Courchevel Lions Club is organising an auction in December 2013 and I am giving a pièce called "Echiquier"(Chessboard), made with gold leaf."



How Courchevel inspired your new work ?

 "I am preparing a very colourful Pop Art collection "Pin-up Power" for the ressort."



You regularly leave your studio near Albertville to go up to Courchevel. Do you feel the need to be there ?

 "Courchevel is a totally different dimension, a fertile, inspiring place for me. I have sown a few seeds there, I hope they will grow."


Interview by Patricia Parquet




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